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Starting to Write

I’ve been wanting to get into the habit writing for a long time because I think written communication is a very valuable skill to have. A daily habit of writing would help me improve my writing ability and it will also give me an outlet for the tons of ideas I want to share. I haven’t because I’m lazy, scared, and am a perfectionist. These are all just excuses. Being lazy means that I haven’t made this a priority. Being scared means I’m afraid of how people see me if I put myself out there. And the perfectionist excuse is just a little bit of both being lazy and scared,

So starting today, I’ll be writing a short piece every day. These will be random ramblings of topics that I have encountered the day of or have been thinking about. To make sure I can get these out every day, the rule is to try and keep each piece short.

I’ll start by posting these on WeChat and Facebook. If you like it, give me a like. If you have thoughts, comments, questions, grammar suggestions, or critiques, give me a comment.

Tomorrow’s piece will be an honest introduction of me and what kind of topics I’ll be covering. Thanks for reading!

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