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Who am I?

I’ve been thinking about defining who I am on paper for awhile now. I’ll do it in 4 pieces: a one sentence self-description, strengths, weaknesses, and interests. So here goes.

If I was to define myself in one sentence:

“I am a generalist and logic focused jack of all trades type of person with an interest in creating more efficient systems that will benefit the world”.


Long term planning, coming up with ideas, larger picture thinking, organizing and systemizing things, logic related tasks, open minded, comfortable with change, easily content.


Lack of focus and easily distracted, constantly a little late (average of 8 minutes), easily find myself in a lazy and unproductive state, constant interrupter in conversations, not very good at caring about the people around me, slow to take action (often times because I’m not sure of my decision yet)


Ways to improve our environment, ways to handle trash and recycling, alternative education, how to have a longer life, technology improvements, Japanese manga and good stories (both fiction and non-fiction), ways to connecting people to improve the world, the perfect government system, self improvement, why humans are the way they are, and most importantly, the cross section between all the previous interests and the future (I love thinking about the future).

If you have any feedback or additions to give me, please do. I’m especially looking for more weaknesses because I think it’s hard to be self critical sometimes and I value all criticism, especially if it’s with the intent of being constructive.

Tomorrow’s piece will be my first ramble. My topics will come from my interests. The first ramble will be on “Why I think about the future”.

If you like it, let me know by giving me a like. If you have thoughts, comments, questions, grammar suggestions, or critiques on the writing or idea, give me a comment. Thanks for reading!

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