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Intro to METH - Make Everyone Think Harder

After becoming an adult and entering the real world, conversations are typically centered around money, business, love, or pop culture (i.e. Tiger King). I miss the intellectual conversations I used to have in college for intellectual sake. Random conversations about philosophy, futurism, weird questions about life, etc. So I have decided that I want to meet more people who feel the same way.

Inspired by Andrew Yang’s MATH slogan, which stands for Make American Think Harder, I have decided to start METH - Make Everyone Think Harder (if you are laughing or making a WTF face, then I’ve done my job). This is a pet project of mine and I’ve been planning it for a few months now.

METH is a series of interactive events where participants will learn, brainstorm, and share ideas, based on the selected topic for the event. The idea is to create an environment that brings people together to have an intellectual conversation, focusing on creativity, philosophy, and a good amount of open mindedness.

One of the event topic series that I have come up with is the Future Series, which includes the following:

  1. Future of Education
  2. Future of Sustainability
  3. Future of Spaces
  4. Future of Health
  5. Future of Finance and Money
  6. Future of Society

Other series includes the Life Series, focused around life skills, and the Sunzi series, focused on the Art of War and its application in real life.

What I hope to achieve with METH is intellectual stimulation in a population whose head is always down and running in the rat race. Because most people don’t have the time or mental capacity to seek mental stimulation, I hope to make it more easily accessible.

This is important because we live in a very interconnected society. Our society, especially those that are democracies, need people who can think. Properly. If not, we have people who are delusional and uninformed, without the capability of ever righting themselves.

With METH, there are a few skills I hope people who attend will develop. Most importantly, the ability to have high level conversations while keeping an open mind, especially when disagreeing. I want an environment that fosters proper debate where the goal is not to argue or to be right, but to learn and understand each other. The other skills are based on the series. The future series should help attendees develop a sense of longer term thinking, including futurist thinking and long term goal planning. The life series focuses on developing life skills that aren’t taught in school, including empathy, money, and inner confidence. The Sunzi, or Art of War, series will features strategic and tactical thinking in life.

METH is one of my attempt at improving our society, using an event model with rules to create an environment to spark mental stimulation. I hope the stimulation will make everyone think harder. What do you think? Would you be interested in participating in METH events?

This post is licensed under CC BY 4.0 by the author.